Most people are displeased with the state of the economy whiles others are pleased with the state of infrastructure.

John Mahama, who is the President of Ghana has lost to the main opposition New Patriotic Party(N.P.P)

In 2016’s elections after several factors we gathered

Nana Addo Dankwa-Akuffo Addo – 5,716,026 votes

John Dramani Mahama – 4,713,277 votes,

  1. 2014’s World Cup Fiasco: In 2014 GFA and the government messed up the interest of the citizens in football by misplacing priorities. The government flew $3m to Brazil which saw Ghana being tagged irresponsible and poor in organization. This also saw the black stars perform poorly by returning home with just 1point.
  2. SADA: Savannah Accelerated development Authority’s mismanagement of funds made people angry even after excuses such as “the guinea fowls have flown to Burkina” was an excuse for mismanagement.

People felt their intelligence was being insulted when John Mahama failed to react to the issue.

  1. Markets Burnt in Areas Of Ghana: Some people haven’t forgotten that tragedy in Kumasi where markets were burnt uncontrollably, so much was lost and people were ready to fight the government because they believed his tenure was unfavorable and a curse.
  2. Economic Hardship: It was the major reason NDC lost in the elections. Many people want money in their pockets and think the current government can’t provide but are rather good at mismanaging resources. People pay high fees and when done with school can’t afford jobs to cater for themselves. Even the cedi’s depreciation affected several businesses. Freezing of employment also affected it[elections].
  3. Allowance Saga: People think they don’t see why John Mahama should withdraw allowances of students since they look up to that to survive.
  4. Removal of Subsidies from Bills: This has brought misunderstanding amongst people. Others think the government is not concerned about the ordinary citizen if not they shouldn’t have thought of removing subsidies form fuel, electricity and water which saw people paying over 500% higher bills in Ghana which is the highest in 40years, Even phones were flooded with taxes. Dzifa Attivor’s Bus Branding Saga also fueled mistrust in the government.
  5. Bribes – The Bugri Naabu Saga brought doubts in NDC before the elections. Secondly, the Ford bribe saga from the Burkinabe contractor was part of questions in people whether to maintain The NDC or Not. Thirdly, Woyoni’s Ghc 51.2m fraud issues NDC Couldn’t react to leaded to doubts in their credibility.

The issuing of later allowances to nurses insulted their intelligence and also assisting them in travelling to their various centers to vote against NDC.

  1. Dumsor: The issue of power shortage and power cuts made the party unpopular and led to laying off workers which ended up making people lose confidence in the Government.
  2. Tribalism: Most people are voting based on the fact that their relative is the flag bearer whiles others are against Northerner ruling them, some are also against a southerner ruling but in all the southerners are more so what has happened?

10.The MP’s and party executives betrayed John Mahama and the NDC; Some were power drunk and others never acknowledged the voters who kept them in power, Some Didn’t care to help the constituents when they were in need, no sacrifice they got the end they worked for unity they say is strength.

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