All MMDCEs in Upper West Region

Upper West Region is one of the Fastest growing regions in Ghana despite the High Inflation rate in the Region. It currently has 5 Municipalities and 6 Districts since it was created in 1983, the region will be 40years in 2023.

After the Region was carved of out of Upper Region by Late Former President Rawlings, most Assemblies have depended solely on Common Fund to start some grievous projects across the Region.

Most Assemblies spend so much in building schools with the basic perception Education is the only key to success, there are different options because no matter what you do one can never get a 100% literacy rate, even in the USA we have school dropouts and illiterates just like we have feeder roads there. Government should instead create more available options that will solve our financial and Economic problems.

There are three Main things Every Assembly in Upper West Region should focus on, the minor things will be based on the location of the District or Municipality.

Major things

1. Markets: All Assemblies should focus on Building Markets to expand it’s revenue horizon, the reason I keep giving the Wa MCE,Mr. Isaahaku Tahiru some credit, I’ll give it when it’s due. Markets bring quick Capital or revenue, this means before an Assembly thinks of building a school or a health center they should think of markets as well, once a school is built two markets should also follow, all this issue of no desks in schools, no charging of school fees is as a result of the absence of market to support parents in Making them available for their children, if a parent is able to get at least Ghc20 a day from going out to the Market I don’t think he or she will have issues Making a desk for his or her Child, but what do we see today, we see Assemblies using loans that demand short term interests to build more schools that will even overburden them with the need for teachers. We have had enough schools, build markets, if a market Women or man trades he will more money to provide transport far for his or her Child to travel to any school no matter how far.

Basic Education in Ghana

Secondly, The Assemblies Should Construct standard Schools to avoid spending much in building in incomplete school blocks i.e 3 classroom block for Kuntawii, 1 class for Naawie, 3 Classrooms for Kunzokala, 2 Classrooms for Wechao Bao, 2 Classrooms for Charile are not the solutions to our problems, why not create a boarding basic school that can accommodate at most 300 students form Monday to friday so that such students can come to school from all nearby Communities, stay in the school till Friday and go back and return on either Sunday or earl Monday.

A Normal School should have a Library together with an ICT Center, 10 Dormitories to accommodate at least 300 students, 5 Rooms as Masters Bungalows, 11 Classrooms and an Office for Headmaster and Staff.

Minor Issues: Improve Security by Equiping the Police resources such as infrastucture to operate. Landlords can make plots of land available for Establishment of Police posts, fire Service and Ambulance offices just like they allocate spaces for schools through the support of the Assembly.

Secondly, Improve sports and Tourism by Equiping Traditional Authorities with the mandate to Uncover such Talents for Revenue Generation, some spiritual doctors in our districts can be employed by the Assemblies to generate Revenue.


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