Concerned youth, Save UDS

The Upper west Region and its human resources should smile soon as over 10,000 job opportunities will be readily available for the youth come 2020.

The Wa UDS has been made autonomous meaning it will have distance learning centers across the country and also several faculties and programs introduced.

The name of the school doesn’t matter for now, what matters is that the school is autonomous and will certify our students and citizens to make them competitive products for the market, Enough of the Wa to Accra, Wa to Kumasi, Wa to Sunyani etc.

The school is expected to hire a number of human resources just like the University of Ghana Medical School Did Lately.

At least 3,000 workers will be hired including lecturers, administrators, senior lecturers, Chancellors, cleaners, securities, messengers, drivers etc for the University for Business and Integrated Development Studies.


How are our youthful graduates gearing up to be qualified for such positions if the need arises.

Youth Mounting UBIDS Billboard in Wa

Are the youth and elderly qualified enough, do they have the requisite Mphils, PHDs, Degrees to apply for the jobs, if no how are they preparing to upgrade. Let’s not let the decision favor outsiders who will take away these opportunities because they are more qualified than us.

Leaders incharge and in position should ensure our own people are considered first, its our university and the youth fought for this autonomy, though some politicians stood against it they still persevered for the good course. Let’s not say “if we put them there, they’ll betray us, they won’t respect us, they’ll be independent and we can’t control them” that shouldn’t be the mindset of a good leader, a good leader should have a deep conscience and a sense of charisma to be able to persuade the youth.

Secondly, the new Upper West Regional hospital is 99% complete and will soon need the services of nurses, doctors, cleaners, security, drivers, plumbers, secretaries, computer engineers, network engineers, accountants, planners, mid wives, pharmacists etc.

New Upper West Regional Hospital

Where are these people going to come from, how prepared are the youth of upper west to embrace such an opportunity, how qualified are they, how willing are our brothers who are influential to help the upcoming youth gain an upper hand in the recruitment process.

The human resource capacity of that hospital is estimated to be at least 1,800 meaning the least qualification to be accepted is a Higher National Diploma and at Most a PHD is health and technical related areas. The youth should embrace this opportunity by furthering their education and getting hay while it shines(work experience).

Thirdly, the Wa airport is yet to be commissioned and we hope the youth are well prepared in the area of expertise the firm will demand workers from. This unit will need experts in geology, computer science, security studies which includes cyber security, secretaries, nurses for emergency, communication officers in linguistics (French, Spanish, English and other popular local languages), Drivers.

How qualified are you for an opportunity in the aviation area?. The youth should upgrade their skills to embrace this opportunity before its too late. Upper west leaders in position shouldn’t sit and allow this opportunity slip off the natives of upper west if they are qualified. This department will hire not less than 800 staff for both contract and permanent positions.

The Pull him down syndrome has been a part of us for long but there is a saying that “A proud heart can survive a general failure because such a failure doesn’t prick its pride”.

Let’s not try to survive a general failure by leaving our people behind we’ll pay dearly for it. Your soul can be self-centered as long as you allow it, but let’s not let the agony we went though coming up push us to take decisions to pay other innocent souls back with that agony.

Change is constant.

By: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip

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