Wa musicians and Fans the cause of their Downfall – Haphiz AsEm Basiginaa

Haphiz AsEm Basiginaa

Haphiz AsEm Basiginaa

Upper West Region. ‪#‎Entertainment‬. The Critics. It’s with sadness I put these words together.Instead of us trying to form a formidable force that can stand the test of time, here we are ‪#‎Sabotaging‬ others. Sometimes I wonder. The city is embedded with many problems. No venue for shows. Low patronage and turn outs for shows. DJs sometimes demand money before they play tracks. What pains most is that attitude of not giving to “Caesar what belongs to Caesar but rather giving it to Stephen” . It really sucks. We haven’t gone far with our music thing but imagine what we doing ! Wiyaala truggled to the top and we say God bless her Manager. Raphius still remain undisputed in what he does even without a White Manager. Badingu has been to places and is doing great as well. Ok now to the upcoming ones. Let’s respect ourselves. Don’t deceive your selves with those one hit songs. Don’t accrue to your self that you are the best when you are only known in the studio you record. Go to places and make names before you start comparing your selves to those that set the pace. Let’s motivate the upcoming ones whenever there Is a show. Let’s pay them for their due. Guys dont play free shows. If we don’t brand them no one will do. Big up all Real talents. Big up all humble artists. Big up all faithful DJs. Big up all sound engineers. Big up all music promoters. ‪#‎weHaveTalentsLetsHelpThem‬. …..‪#‎HaphizAsem‬ has spoken. I will be back. ‪#‎UpperWestPride‬.

Source: Upper West Media.


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