On the 17th of December 2016 a young man by name Ken was shot to death by a native of Takpo who is also a relative to the Late Roger Gaalee.

The killer was reported to have joined a group of hunters at the funeral to bid the Late Roger farewell and mistakenly shot one of the hunters in the tummy. He used an unlicensed gun belonging to his late brother.

Tensions were high after the incidence and mob justice almost took place until some law abiding citizens intervened to resolve the issue and report to the police.

Parents of the deceased did not take the issue mild as they followed the issue steadfastly.

The Killer, Philip also known as Carlos Pee was tried on the 21st of December at the Wa High Court where he was remanded to serve 28 Days thus till 14th of January 2017 before a second trial.

The late Roger was a hunter when he was alive.

Credit: Upperwestmedia.net