Kojokpere Zone, NDC Party Executives and Members Vigorously Resign From The Party.

Party Executives and members of the main opposition National Democratic Congress party (NDC), for the Kojokpere zone in the Daffiama Bussie Issa District of the Upper West Region, have massively resigned from the party over what they described as discrimination, insensitive and unfair treatments meted out to them by the party when it comes to appointment of NDC members into party executive positions. They made their decision known during an emergency meeting organised in Kojokpere, in the Daffiama Bussie Issa district on Saturday, August 11, 2018.
In a statement issued by the resigned executives, they noted that the party has left them behind and keep on sabotaging the Kojokpere zone members whenever they show interest in any party position that is vacant for appointment.
“It is very interesting to note that, the great National Democratic Congress, which is the best party in Ghana and beyond will soon be a thing of the past for its faithful members within the kojokpere zone. In fact, it is very sad and difficult for us the party executive on behalf of our supporters to take this painful but necessary decision. All these are attributed to discrimination, insensitive and unfair treatments meted out to members of the said zone within the constituency level since 1992. We the party executives and our supporters have therefore resigned from the activities of the National Democratic Congress (NDC)” the statement indicated.
The resigned party members further stated categorically that, the zone has never been considered for DCE position whenever the party is in power even when they show interest, their members are always opposed by other zones. They again revealed in the statement that, strategic positions in the party hierarchy such as constituency secretary, chairman, organizer among others, when they show interest in them, they are never given the green light and those who contest such positions in the zone usually do not get the support of the other zones.
“It is sad to know that we members of the Kojokpere zone have been consistently denied on several occasions, leadership positions especially whenever the party is in power. Positions such as District Chief Executive, Parliamentary candidate for the party, party chairmanship among others, have never been considered whenever somebody’s name is mentioned from Kojokpere zone” the press released noted.
Meanwhile, the Upper West Regional Chairman of the NDC, Mr. Mathew Sung Aabo, when contacted to react on the development, made it clear that, his outfit has not received any official document on the matter and was quick to add that, he will commence a probe into the issue.

By: Saeed Fatawu

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