Set up a transition Team to manage Autonomous Universities

Theress and Accountability Platform (PaP) is calling on government as a matter of urgency to set up a three member transition team composing a chairman, secretary and a member to see to the running of the autonomous universities of University of Business & Integrated Development Studies (UBIDS) & University of Technology & Applied Sciences (UTAS), respectively.
We feel very much disappointed in the ill attitude of UDS central Administration for their inability as a matter of concern engage stakeholders and even government on the way forward after the President public declaration of autonomous status of the two campuses .
The group however, wants government to be aware that the UDS Central administration is deliberately chastising government and still scheming to bring the Wa Campus down.
PaP is therefore hopeful that, some measures such the need for a transition team and decentralization of UDS admission to the various campuses that have attained autonomous status will send a strong signal that; it is not a political rhetoric as alleged by the University for Development Studies (UDS) council chairman.
We are very much thankful to the government for acting promptly to the call of the people of the Upper West Region and we will continue to remained resolute in our demand to getting UBIDS ratified.
The PaP therefore wishes government will in January, 2019 consider our wise counsel so the university can advertise for prospective applicants for the academic year 2019/ 2020
Tahiru Lukman
Interim Vice President
Progress & Accountability Platform (PaP)
Tel: 0209154057

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