Youth of Today don’t think; Always Defending Anything from their Party Even if ‘Ghana will burn’ – Rashid Pelpuo

A former minister of state under the John Mahama administration and Member of Parliament for Wa central, Dr. Rashid Pelpuo has expressed worry about future of the Youth in Ghana.

Former Minister for Public Private Partnership, Dr. Rashid Pelpuo

According to the Member of Parliament, he has realised that the Youth are willing to support anything from their political party even if ‘Ghana will burn’.

In a facebook post, Dr. Rashid said one of things he is worried about is that,

“the young people will always point fingers at politicians. They can’t do without complaining. They’re so dependent and never see their faults without blaming the politicians”.

Many people can’t be objective and see a world without politician,. Many people can’t just do without referring to another fault which justify a particular unacceptable behavior. Its is fault pattern we need to overcome. Whether Azorka boys or Delta forces is not the issue here…

Mr. Pelpuo, pointed that, one big challenge to the youth is that today in social media they respond to issues without reading. They end up being half informed and can’t match up to their colleagues outside the African continent. Their best subject is politics and blind support.

By: Radio Tamale


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