U/W: Double track teachers of Ullo SHS to storm Regional Education Office Over Staff IDs

Upper West Regional Director of Education, Mr. Evans Kpebah in a Meeting

A group of Double Track teachers within Ullo SHS in the Jirapa Municipality have set up a date to visit the Regional Education Office for answers to questions concerning the delay in issuance of their Staff IDs.

The teachers suggested in the post that it was a deliberate ploy to delay their salaries adding that they’ve been borrowing for over 7months today to make ends meet.





Dear Headmaster:

We the undersigned newly recruited teachers humbly write to request the permission of your office to attend an important meeting with the Regional Director of GES scheduled for Tuesday, 28th May, 2019 at the Regional office.

This meeting has become very necessary considering the delayance in the release of our Staff IDs and the registration for the biometric exercise.

Sir, your staffs are deeply affected for the non payment of our salaries owing to this delayance and we cannot sit unconcern any longer.

We assure you that we shall return to the classroom right after the meeting.

Thank you for your interest and kind consideration.

Your staffs, Ullo SHS, Jirapa-Upper West



Nii Adjei Issah

Lead Mentee



The Regional Education Office of Upper West was recently in the news for what was referred to as a deliberate attempt to frustrate Newly Recruited Double track teachers.

The statement added that the Regional Education Office generated the lowest number of Staff IDs as compared to Regions like Eastern which Generated over 600 staff IDs, Upper west was able to generate 11 IDs which was the lowest.

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