[Article] Iddrisu Bomison, The Right Man for Wa MCE

Mr. Iddrisu Bomison was Wa Central Constituency Secretary

The Choice is obvious,Hon Iddris Bomison is the right man to lead the municipality as the MCE for Wa.

Amongst all the candidates or personalities who have lined up for the MCE job,none of them knows the municipality than Hon Iddris Bomison.

He is a man who has served as a two term constituency secretary for the New Patriotic Party in Wa.
He knows all the corners of the municipality and I have know doubts about his credibility.

As a grassroot politician,he is abreast and updated with happenings of the Constituency and knows the dynamics in each electoral area within the municipality.

His competence is not in question and his loyalty is very key when it comes to rewarding foot soldiers in the party.

Off course,a lot of candidates are out for this very job,but looking at all these people,one can confidently say that,hon Bomison is a grassroot man.The choice of the youth and he is well positioned to take up this job.

Source: Alhaaji Filla

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