St. Francis Xavier Minor Seminary Celebrate after a Win Over Nandom SHS in NSMQ2021 Qualifiers

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It has always been a healthy but tensed academic rivalry between the only boys SHSs in the upper West Region; St Francis Xavier Minor Seminary and Nandom SHS. Getting into this year’s NSMQ 2021 qualifiers, expectations were high across the length and breadth of the region but the two rivals could not wait to meet on the academic battle field.

On day one, contest one comprised St Ignatius of Layola, Funsi, Holy Family and Lawra SHSs . Contest two saw St Francis Xavier Minor Seminary, Tumu Senior High /Technical School, and Nandom Senior High School battle it out for a slot. This contest was best destcribed by some old students of Nandom SHS as one paired by nature. They could not wait to see the dust rise.

Contest 3 comprised Ullo, Islamic and Jirapa SHSs. In contest 4, St Francis Girls’ SHS battled it out with Hilla Liman SHS and Wa Senior High/Technical School.

The rest of the contests comes off on the 4/05/2021 at the same venue. Ten schools would thus, contest on day two. In total, about 23 Senior High Schools in the upper West region would take part in this year’s NSMQ2021 qualifiers in the upper West region.

What was expected to be a fierce academic battle turned out a seemingly walk over by the Minor seminarians as they carried the day with an avalanche score of 50points, Nansec-21points and Tumu Senior High/Technical School_ 18points.

The day was a sun set at noon for the NANSECANS as they were devasted while the minor seminarians chanted songs of victory. Indeed, the win gave the Xaxier boys the bragging right to describe themselves as the best school in the upper West Region as they said in Joy News interview ” We are defeating them one after the other, starting from upper west; Nansec is no match”.

Interacting with an old student of St Francis Xavier Minor Seminary, Mr Pius Doozie, he said ” we used Nansec for a sacrifice”. Interacting with some old students of Nandom SHS, they described the pairing as unfair since the representation of the region at the NSMQ2021 will not be a true reflection of the academic strength of the region.

They however could not mince words when they said every school is good in its own right.


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