‘Pull Him Down’ syndrome in Upper West linked to royalty

Upper West Region

By: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip

Growing up in Upper West Region, it is a nice place, well developed and organized but one thing with the people mostly is that they enjoy to see strangers grow than pushing themselves up.

This is linked with the root of the northerners, most northerners are ” Nabiihi” meaning they are a Royal Family, this implies that any royal person at all will enjoy dominance over others, no royal will want people below him or her to get independent, once people below you get independent or assistance, they are most likely not to serve you again but once they need you all the time, you can control and use them, that is the typical DNA of person from a royal generation or setting, they never enjoy giving others independence because it reduces their circle and belittles them, the factor generally has followed most northerners who are royals from along generations and will take a long time to be eradicated, the only way this can be ended is for all to see themselves as equal humans and that will be difficult because no royal will ever submit to others, succumb to or admit they are equal to others, they always have the inward zeal and expectation to be served and honoured.

That is the major issue with lots of Ghanaians in the North, the only group of people I can confidently state are out of this league are the Sissala and Gurshi people, I have observed the Sissala Critically and noticed where ever they find themselves, within a short period, you find many of their type there, they bring you closer to themselves when they get to realise you speak their language, they don’t easily open up to strangers anyways but easily push their kind up.

I have also worked with a Gurushi personality from Upper East and one thing I realised was that all who came to the institution I served initially were favoured by that personality, they were elevated and that impressed me, this spoke volumes to suggest that they help their kind.

The Royal Dominance in The North is the Reason most hardly help each other, every royal wants to dominate over others, and the only way to do that is to ensure that others keep staying down.

The secretary is a Teacher, Entrepreneur and Researcher into Social Issues.

Source: Modern Ghana

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