U/W: Mental Health Coordinator calls for strengthened Guidance and Counseling centres

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Acting Upper West Regional Mental Health Coordinator of the Ghana Health Service, Mr Sylvester Basagnia, has called for strengthened Guidance and Counseling centres to reduce the wave of suicide in Ghana.

The Health Coordinator made the call in an interview with Info Radio at the backdrop of the recent rise in cases of suicide among individuals in the country.

He said the guidance and counseling units are the first port of calls to individuals when they are in some psychological and mental distress to seek assistance.

He however expressed concerns that these centres are not well strengthened and resourced to carry out these mandates.

He said it was the more reason individuals commit suicide since they have nowhere to seek help.

Mr Basagnia said despite the not-so-well strengthened guidance and counseling units, religious leaders must make conscious efforts at helping individuals in distress through their preaching and sermons.

He said it has proven beyond doubt that some individuals when in psychological distress, opt to listen to sermons at the churches and mosques.

He therefore called on the religious leaders to preach sermons that would restore hope in the hopeless.

Source: Info Radio

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