Nandom SHS: I had 4.97 GPA after Graduation yet Jobless for 2 Years

Cletus Saabesagr is a Past Student of Nandom SHS

A past student of Nandom Senior High School in the Upper West Region has shared some of the challenges being without a good job brought him
Cletus Saabesagr shared that he acquired a GPA of 4.97 after his bachelor’s degree in Oil and Gas and a 5.00 GPA after his masters.

The young man revealed that he has been unemployed for two years but has mates who make not less than Ghc10,000 per month at work
A young Ghanaian man by the name of Cletus Saabesagr has opened up about his journey to being unemployed for two years after acquiring excellent results in school.

In an interview with Cletus had the following to share;

Academic background
I had my secondary education at Nandom Senior High School in the Upper West Region of Ghana and from there I got the chance to travel to Russia for my undergraduate and post graduate studies in Oil and Gas Engineering. I completed my bachelor’s degree with a GPA of 4.97 and my master’s with 5.00.

Returning home for national service
After schooling I came back to Ghana to go through national service. I was posted to Ghana Gas but upon reporting, I was told the place was full.
The security man at the company advised me to look for a politician who can help me work there.
Finding another place for service
I did my national service with the National Identification Authority (in the Procurement Department).
Plans towards getting employed
I was visiting the oil companies in Ghana and sending them my application. I had hope that by the time I finish my service I could get a job from one of them.
Number of companies applied to
I applied to so many companies; Ghana Gas, GNPC, Ghana National Petroleum Authority, Kosmos Energy, Tullow, Eni Ghana, and I applied more than four times at BNI
Cletus revealed that he has been applying for a job in his field for two years and has not had any.

How it feels applying for job without response
Applying for a with hearing back from them let alone get the got makes be think education in Ghana is now useless. I really studied hard in a cold country to achieve this. But what is the use?
Some of the challenges unemployment has brought about
You feel helpless, even though you are young and strong, you can’t help your family. Depression, loneliness, rejection, hate in your heart
Keeping busy for the time being
I have been teaching Core Mathematics, Elective Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, and Science in a private Senior High School Core Mathematics.
Teaching salary compared to Oil and Gas Salary
The teaching job brings in between Ghc500 – Ghc700 per month but with my qualification, I am supposed to be earning not less than Ghc10,000 even with an undergraduate degree.
Cry for help
My hope is to eventually get a job that will serve as an end result for all my sacrifices towards my academic excellence and a job that will pay be what I am worth.
I am available to work for any good firm including Oil and Gas. My contact is 0547937205


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