UW Health Promotion Officer Threatens Journalist over Covid Vaccine

Mr. John Maakpe(Left), Tuorimuo Elvis Philip(Right)

The Upper West Regional Health Promotion Officer for Ghana health Service,  Mr. John Vianney Markpe has reportedly threatened a  Reporter with the  Upper West Media Team,  Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip for Revealing that some dose of Vaccines are ‘suspected’ to have resulted in people losing their lives in Wa.

According to the Reporter,  Mr. John Vianney Markpe called him at 1:34pm on 23rd November 2021 telling him he has received calls over a publication online,  he went further to state that he is going to pursue him and get him arrested for publishing the information to make the vaccines unpopular in the Region,  the Health Promotion Officer went further to state that the publication was a ploy to dent the image of the vaccine which is already doubted by several people in the Region.

Meanwhile Mr. Tuorimuo Elvis Philip added that the FDA Upper West Regional Director,  Mr. Albert Ankomah  had told him earlier in the day that the Issue of the vaccine leading to loss of lives is being Investigated.

Some Residents of Wa have Attributed the Death of Two Prominent people including Alhaji Garantee,  a nick name and Alhaji Mahama to some Vaccines they took few weeks ago.

Astrazeneca vaccines were donated by the Indian Government for Vaccination of Ghanaians.

Source: Upperwestmedia.net

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