This is not a new thing we are discussing as most people have even lost their lives out of it.

This micro finance company had branches in three regions of Ghana [Brong Ahafo, Upper East, Upper West] where it issued 100% profit to investors that saved their monies with them for a period of three months. This continued for almost 2 years before misconceptions popped inn and people had to lose huge sums of money to this alleged fraud which people cursed till this day but should all the blame go to this finance company? Ok let’s see who to blame for our mistakes.

  1. Ourselves: we in Ghana are so relaxed to research about things before jumping into them an example is the western way of life and fashion trend we have adopted. This issue of 100% interest was so interesting and welcoming to investors who didn’t take time to find out if this was actually real or not.

Also this shows how lazy we are as people who really want to have it very easy and cheaply in life which is not possible, let’s wake up and fight for the 100% profit we seek.

  1. Friends: we have so many friends as people but not reliable ones, as a proverb would say we need neighbors not friends. Our friends suggested this to us and we in our own selfish interest rushed to also fall into the trap just to be tagged wise and smart all in the end we have ourselves to blame for playing a lottery which helped some and frustrated some even to the extent of killing some. Beware of people you trust.
  2. Our Media Houses: Some people tend to be so addicted to media and believe every thing they say without consulting to be sure. We are also a media house but we recommend you are extra careful with what you see sometimes especially when it is too interesting to be true. Some of our media houses were just thinking of their stomachs without even trying to investigate this investment house to see if it was reliable for them to inform people about. Huge monies were paid and not forgetting the ignorant farmer in the village who would be deceived to go and invest with all his farming capital and in the end lose it to go without anything just because he was influenced by a broadcast house that could not go a mile to help expose the truth that could make people build more confidence in it.
  3. Women and selfishness: Some people invested here to be able to raise more money to marry wives who have high marriage demands they can’t meet so by this put the little the have there to mature for them to withdraw. Some also take a family investment[Lands, Houses, Cars] sell them and put the money there for commission sake. Others go to the extent of denying relatives support just to enrich themselves. Even some go contrary to their religion to play lottery by investing here and later after the loss they could not confide in people.


By: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/

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