Has the week been tiring? Do you have plans of traveling to clear your mind? Caught up in many options or can’t possibly think of a perfect place to relax and have fun?

Trust me, the Upper West Region is the best place to visit for your weekend getaway. Pulse.com.gh bring to you 4 reasons the Upper West Region is the best to visit.

1. Pito

If you love the local beverage known as “Pito” that much, then the Upper West Region is the best place to have it. This is one of the distinctive features of the Upper West Region that is worth traveling for.

Pito is a sweet, mildly alcoholic beverage derived from millet. They produce the best and freshest Pito. Pito is sold by the brewers in open air bars and drunk from a calabash.

2. Great tourist sites

The beautiful sceneries in the Upper West Region are just breathtaking. Tourists love the great and unique sites that differ from the remaining regions in Ghana.

From the Wa Naa’s Palace and Dondoli Sudamic (Larabanga) Mosque, Jirapa Naa’s Palace to the Hippopotamus Sanctuary at Wechiau and the most talked about Nandoom all stoned Gothic church. The upper west in deed a must visit zone.

3. Low Cost of living

Things in the Upper west Region is relatively cheap. Good hotel rooms, great meals, to clothes, everything there is not much costly like in the southern part of Ghana.

Wa Poly Street

4. Impressive Handicrafts

Culture in the Upper West Region is not only observed through the celebration of their festivals but can be seen also in their intriguing handicrafts. Their handicrafts include weaving and smock designing. That certifies why most smock lovers purchase that which is made from the Upper West.

wa, upper west

It doesn’t only end there, if you want to know the process in making a very own native instrument; the xylophone and also pottery and blacksmithing, then the Upper West is the best place to visit.

Credit: Pulse.com.gh and Upperwestmedia.net

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  1. Truly I also enjoy it when i visited my business partners a week ago.
    I stayed at Wa GNAT Hostel really feel at home enjoyed yam fufu and Grandnut soup at African pot and spicy
    It is amazing jeauney
    My thanks goes to Dominic Ziewo and Victor the Gnat hostel receiptness

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