Melcom is a new supermarket in Wa central of the upper west region which was recently opened to trade on the 20th of January 2017, Many people were there to witness ongoing activities  as people were competing to go in and shop. This competition to shop in the mall was not strange as people of Wa have love for new things.

The Supermarket they say has come to wipe the tears of people in the region as they have suffered black market and so much inflation in the price of goods and services from other smaller business enterprises including FOKA,  La-France and Danwanaa-Melcom in the central market.

Melcom would certainly change these things below:

  1. Inflation: people in the region claim they buy goods inflated with over 100% profit which business men aim at and not to satisfy the customer needs with quality. Business men capitalize on the distance of people from main business hubs such as Kumasi Central Market ,Techiman And Accra and by this know customers won’t be able to travel to get them at affordable prices. Most similar businesses have their meetings to monopolize the prices of goods and services and by this prices are the same where ever you go this made business boring in the region.
  2. Competition: Most business men in the region are too slow to respond to customer needs and service due to lack of completion in the market. This due to the fact that only few Enterprises are well equipped to serve their interest and due to this people have no choice but to withstand the harsh approach of business men to get their needs.
  3. Promotion will be introduced: During festive seasons promotions are opened to boost customer morale in shopping people would run to a customer friendly environment and not vice versa. Most waala people are so interested In affordable pricing and would prefer to shop in melcom. This attitude would well be adopted by other business houses in order to stay in the market.
  4. More Businesses would close down: Melcom we all know is well equipped and prices are far affordable than other enterprises in upper west even its appearance would attract customers and enhance trade in the region and by this would reduce customers of other business ventures due to affordability and Quality and reliable service.

Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/

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