It’s still unclear to some people they spend unnecessarily. We have spotted problems again; you had better changed or blame the economy always, life is not just about choices but about good choices. has spotted these things to be irrelevant yet take away our huge sums of money.

1.Calls/Browsing: Most people in Wa spend so much on call credit that yield no profit for them. They download strange videos and pictures post pictures online to impress people they don’t know and in return achieve nothing. Calls and browsing should get you paid, informed or help you deliver, receive vital information. We don’t call for fun, it’s expensive.

2.Clubbing: Think of your life for once, you spend so much in the club and in the end no reward, you party and become an alcohol addict. How much will it pay you? Not even respect will you earn. Spend time reflecting on life, you are not getting younger.

3.Drinks: Hmm, this is not a strange point; you know it, how many drinking spots are in the town? And yet are increasing by the day whilst our education falling by the day, people prefer to buy you drinks than to invest in your future. What profit does drinking bring? It just makes us misbehave and lose respect and even cause more accidents on our roads than before yet we spend on it. Multiply 1 drink by 365days and imagine the money you waste yearly. Life is about good choices so if you think you are bored and want to have fun then think of visiting a library or visit a friend, cook or wash.

4.Girls: Spending on girls doesn’t make you a big boy, you rather look stupid, after sex with her you regain sense and realize you wasted time and money nothing special achieved. Spend on what is truly yours for instance your wife, a pregnant woman which you are responsible, build a house you can call your own don’t think of cars and phones, new ones come daily. Transform the lives of people, make people happy and you would forever be proud and happy around them. Let those girls learn to work and stop being liabilities. When you give a man a fish he will have a single meal.

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By: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/

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  1. Very thoughtful of you to share this with U/Westerners. More power to your elbows, Philip

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