Musicians in Upper West

There are several musicians in the Upper West Region who sing to educate and to thrill their fans.

Some have composed songs that have become timeless classics, these songs can be found the the playlist of several music lovers within the Upper West Region.

List of Musicians who sing in Waali but aren’t from Upper West Region.

1. Taaza Tailor: Taaza Tailor is a renowned musician from Upper West Region who has composed several songs in Waali/Dagaari, he has become a household name due to how fascinating his songs and dancing skills are. Taaza is from Tuna in the Savannah Region and is a tailor/fashion designer by profession.

2. Kawute: Kawute is a dancehall musician who sings fluently in partua and Waali, he is from Bole in the Savannah Region.

3. O Jay: Ojay is an award winning rapper who has resided in the Upper West Region for decades, he sings in Waali and Twi Fluently. He is from Ashanti Region.

4. M.I Makuse: Makuse is an Actor as well, he has for some time not released a new song but some popular songs of his include Yewuolu, Albarikasaa, kulin Kuule, Furi Sung etc. He is a gonja by tribe from Savannah Region.

5. Seidu Morrison: One of Upper West’s Celebrated musician by name Seidu Morrison is from Kulmasa in the Savannah Region.

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