arton203078Humans are funny creatures most especially those in Africa.We All know how Africa is finding it difficult to get to the developed level as we hope for but then what are the reasons behind we individuals being left behind although we try as much as possible to get to the top? Find Out Below:

1. EGOCENTRIC LIFESTYLE: Most people in Africa are self-centered and think of only themselves and not others in their actions, people learn new things that can help others and themselves as a whole but prefer to keep it to themselves and due to this develop themselves only without helping others.
2. Envy: Envy/jealousy is another factor that hinders growth of individuals most especially when people move together and have different success stories to tell while others have nothing to talk of. When people sit and watch others overtake them on the success highway it feels frustrating and discouraging to keep on but then everything is planned, that is what we forget and end up envying instead of working hard and planning to compete instead of drawing others down by all means. It Only Brings a society back Although others use it positively to enhance and achieve more in life others use it to destroy.
3. DISCOURAGEMENT: In a society where people are not encouraged when taking the right steps in life, people in such societies  produce less outcome as expected of them which is why we keep retarding in growth. The human system is such that it needs  complements and guidance in order to be efficient. People Encouraged tend to take more risks than others and we all know that the higher the risk the more the reward.
4. LACK OF SUPPORT: We all know that in a society where there is lack of support either financially or morally people may go the wrong way or may fail to be able to develop their potentials but in modern day societies of ours we tend to receive more than we give which clearly shows why we can’t build. Giving is more rewarding than receiving and in a society where more of it’s people receive than they give Is less likely to move forward. But Most People deliberately borrow and refuse to refund and when asked, spark a quarrel to end their friendship which goes a long way to affect others related to them,this attitude doesn’t develop a society, if you can’t afford don’t borrow or lend.
5. PRIDE: People with pride find it difficult to develop because they don’t take risk with the reason being that they don’t want to be mocked at last when results turn out opposite. But Then remember that no risk no reward, one has to be steadfast in life in order to survive. Most Proud People Fall Within The Blood Group “O”. Proud People are mostly the lazy type but love company and where there is crowd to show off..

Source: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/Upper West Media/GHANA

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