Ghanaians are quite tired of waiting after waiting 35years to have the cup in Ghana but the question is who is the cause of all this? Is it the GFA? Could it be the players?  Could it possibly be the Government of the nation?  Cameroon beat us 2 goals to none to progress to the finals even with our experience why?

Well they are all involved in the problems we have as a football nation Ghana black stars can only succeed if the following things are done in Ghana:

1.GFA Should be dissolved: Ghana football Association has been on the nerves of Ghanaians taking decisions in Favor of themselves and not The Nation. Executive board of GFA are too corrupt and are not willing to sacrifice for the national team to move to success, they suspend quality players just because they want to take advantage of their hard earned money all in the  name of percentage for playtime in national team matches. Nyantakyi has been the GFA President for 12 years and counting and can’t bring a single AFCON Tittle to The country. Even in his regime a Brazil fiasco occurred where player were influenced to insist on their bonuses before playing games. G.F.A should be dissolved like that of Nigeria football association did.

2.Players Should Be Patriotic: Ghanaian footballers are influenced by huge bonuses to play games in football and do not play because they have the interest of the country at heart but because money is their aim. This has triggered them to make disgraceful decision on international platforms (Brazil Fiasco) leading to Disappointments in football fans in Ghana and outside making them withdraw support for Ghana black stars.

3.Age influencing player call-ups: Ghana football association has decided not to involve any player in the national team if he exceeds 30 which has brought morals of players down, we should at least learn from Egypt, even at 44 their goalkeeper was able to save them through to the finals of the 2017 afcon with experience. This has made Ghana football boring to spend time on, even unnecessary suspensions on players such as Muntari, K.P.B Has caused Ghana a lot , if Italy was to suspend Mario Balloteli for misbehaving what would have been the outcome of their team although he misbehaves than most of our players here, Liuz Suarez misbehaves than most of our players in Ghana here but Liuz has never been left out of a national team assignment due to misbehavior because his value is well noticed.

4.Ghanaian Government should instill discipline in the football association by appointing ministers least corrupt, focused and with knowledge in Physical Education we can at least move forward, How can someone who offered Agriculture or Mechanical Engineering be appointed as a sports minister?, what does he understand in sports? This has made us fail to take professional decisions when it comes to sports and getting success in it. Why don’t we appoint Agric engineers to be minister of finance?

5.Ghanaian trainers lack skills now: physical trainer, goalkeeper trainer and others should be replaced with physically and mentally ready ones as those left are lazy and unserious due to monopoly. They don’t perform and yet are maintained that why even our penalty shoot outs have taken a lot from us for long due to inexperience just flash back to the penalty shootouts in afcon2015 it was due to poor selection and indecisiveness from the side of the technical bench we lost, selections influence your destiny and the poor decision making from our technical bench will always cause us if we don’t change them, if even we appoint a new coach still the negative influence will be there to pollute his decision makings. GFA has influenced player selections by coaches of late and has brought mess due to the ‘bonus’ thing they are so much particular about.



By: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/




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