1. Accept the fact that there will be people who
will surpass you in some way, and also tile fact
that you may envy them.
2. Make that feeling a way of pushing yourself
to equal or surpass them some-day.
3. Let envy turn inward and it poisons the soul; expel it outward and it can move you to greater
4. Understand that as you gain power, those
below you will feel envious of you. They may
not show it but it is inevitable. Do not naively
accept the facade they show you—read between the lines of their criticisms, their little
sarcastic remarks, the signs of backstabbing,
the excessive praise that is preparing you for
a fall, the resentful look in the eye. Half the
problem with envy comes when we do not
recognize it until it is too late. 5. Since it is far easier to avoid creating envy
in the first place than to get rid of it once it is
there, you should strategize to forestall it
before it grows.

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