The Night Was Full Of Fun As In Service Training Center Was Full Of Fun And Splash, Most Dignitaries Were Present Including Upper West Regional Minister, Ameenu Sulemana MP For Sisaala West.

1.Favoritism: Most People Present can bear us witness that there was some form of nepotism ongoing in the house. Were we shown the number of votes each contestant had? Why? Maybe because “Y” has a long tail. But Most people think the artiste of The Year was Given To Samson B. Because They Were trying to compensate him after his MTN Hit Maker Frustration He Had In Accra.
2. Fame Is At A Cost: Most People Think Awards In Upper West Are For The Talented And When People hail You Then You Are There. Hmm Not True Because If That Was the Point Then “Gally On The Mic” Would Just Gather Everything. But As It Is Now he Got No Award Oh! My Brother You See Ooo! Awards Here Are Business, Pay As You Go!. Let Me Not Remind You Of Echo Soundz, No Record No Award.
3. Start Form Somewhere: Most People who get nominated for various award categories target the extreme without thinking very well that it needs a lot of investments you can’t afford, you rush for that and even end up losing the little you could get. Don’t Forget people started before you and don’t expect the awardees to demean them for you, that will make you a braggart and so proud that you won’t respect.
4. Be Humble: People raise their standards high after one or two hits thinking no matter what they are popular. You Might End up  Being Disgraced On Stage.

5. Experience First: Most People present thought being popular could actually get you some awards Last Night But That Wasn’t The Case.

Awards And Photos:

Artiste Of The Year:

Samson B Took Away A Luojia With a Laptop.

Best Hiplife :


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  1. I think they should do their homework very well if not they might not achieve thier goals behind it’s iniciation and many artist may loose interest in the awards in the near future

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