The Region is poised to grow if only we are willing and prepared to support made in Upper West Products with patronage.

We have drawback issue in our attitude that has to be worked on, that attitude can be referred to as ‘he won’t grow to be better than me’. Something that has kept natives stagnant and foreigners growing.

The fact is that if he/she grows to be better then it means all blames have to be Channelled towards my parents because they failed to provide that foundation not that individual striving or ‘fighting’ to grow in his or her Business.

These are businesses we are slowly betraying yet blaming government.

Firstly, Soap Business, lots of women have produced liquid soap and are still producing, have we patronized their works?, We don’t buy them because we know they were made here, the fact is that we don’t want to see those sellers being better, we just prefer to see the money going where we do not know. If we buy their liquid soap we shall all develop and all these Social vices will stop. Let’s buy and Encourage them.

Secondly, Smock Businesses, we all know smocks are made by us and we can go a long way to build the industry, are we building show rooms? No we are not, are we buying them, we are but not as compared to those foreign clothes, we talk so well about those foreign clothes but do not give complements to people in smocks, I’ll also advise that the producers reduce prices, if patronage goes up you’ll get enough profits, let’s not focus one making it big with few sales, it doesn’t build the industry, we should even have fose smocks, slightly used smocks, let’s give names to smocks to brand them.

Thirdly, Local Chairs, leather bags and Xylophones, are we really buying these stuff to preserve culture, we prefer sound systems yet tagging our heritage as evil, were lost in the process, let’s give that honor and Respect to our old aged products, we should even build museums in each district to define their culture and achievements. Get in touch with Hypolite Nasung to buy a Xylophone on 0209464671 or 0240142502.

Fourthly, Foods, How many people buy Koose, Porridge or Bambara Beans lately, we see them as locally foods, tag them with disrespect yet buy dead poultry meat we know nothing about, we don’t even know how they are processed or where they come from, let’s discipline our minds and be careful with our choices, not all foods are edible, we are endangering our future, let’s resort or the natural koose, kokoo, sumbie etc to create jobs and save our generations unborn.


Lastly, Waist Beads, Sandals, Necklaces etc.

These Products created lots of jobs for generations in the past, today we look down upon them with the believe they are outmoded and irrelevant, such a way of losing ourselves, how can he develop by buying and not creating or selling, let’s bring these things back, we should also buy them for friends and respect them

, let’s talk well about them also, these are our heritage and pride, if we lose them, we’ve lost our identity.

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