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Why Women Date Married Men has been checked and these are the reasons.

1. The responsibility of Cooking doesn’t lie in your hand as a girlfriend so women who have problems in cooking don’t easily get exposed as married men return to their wives to eat.

2. The responsible of Washing and keeping the house clean doesn’t lie in your hand as a girlfriend because the man expects more of that from his wife than a girlfriend.

3. It remains a secret and profitable since men take risks in such relationships they can easily get blackmailed since they don’t want their wives to know.

3. It is always a one man stand because in such relationships the men don’t focus on Marathon sex because their wives may detect so they go the mild way but give out freebies after mild sex whilst a boyfriend without a wife vests his sexual hunger on his girlfriend and yet pay less.

4. Married men don’t pressurise their girlfriend for marriage which most women are scared of due to the responsibility in marriage, most women feel when they are married they will be controlled by their husband which will be hell since other responsibilities like taking care of a child, cooking, washing etc is hell to today’s lazy girls.

5. Dating a married man means no childbirth yet the man is compelled to sponsor the lady and spoil her with gifts, who doesn’t want a soft job with more income meanwhile in marriage, the pressure to give birth and raise a child whilst there are other responsibilities is certain.

6. No in-law stress, most women feel there would be pressure from their in-laws when they get into marriage but as a side chick who is your in-law? You just get to relax…
So anyone saying dating married men is scientific is lies. I, Tuorimuo Elvis Philip wants to state it categorically clear here that these are the reasons women want to date married men.

By: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip
Upper West.

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