Lately Motorbikes Have Been A Replacement Of Footing and Riding Of Bicycles in The Upper West Region.
Most People keep buying new motorbikes annually whiles others keep riding theirs over decades and still use them without much problems. There Are Several reasons that could be behind that without your knowledge.
1. ENGINE OIL IS LITHE(NOT THICK): Most times people riding use engine oils recommended in climate areas that are cold(10 degrees Celsius) in areas with very high temperature(29 degrees Celsius) and when this happens, immediately the motorbike moves 40 kilometers constantly in a hot whether of 29-30 degrees the oil becomes less effective for engine use and ends up overheating the engine and reducing efficiency.
2. COVERING MORE DISTANCE WITH LITHE OIL: Mostly, people riding tend to cover more than 300km of distance without changing or thinking of changing Their engine oil in areas with a very hot temperature of like 26-34 Degrees Celsius and when this happens efficiency becomes low immediately the oil looses value because lubrication is low.
3. EXTENDING GEAR POWER OR EFFORTS: Sometimes, people riding insert a gear and accelerate the gas above the necessary extension of the gear inputted. For instance with manual engines, extending the first gear to above 40meters before inputting the second gear with 110 engine capacitors .
4. BLOWING AIR INTO THE CABRITO: One of the common things people do when they run short of fuel is to blow air into the cabrito to restart the engine with the little fuel. When this happens, the cabrito is forced to expand and consumes more fuel than before without increasing efficiency.
5. NOT CHANGING CLUTCH BANDS: Most people after buying a motorbike only think of Changing the engine oil and buying fuel frequently but forget that as you ride around and change gears frequently, the clutch bands depreciate and when this happens the speed is reduced below expectation. The clutch bands empower the motor with more strength to role the engine.
6. LONG CHAIN: When your motorbike has a long chain it’s speed and efforts reduces, this is because the time it takes to role around is extended and due to this you don’t expect it to use the same time it used earlier to cover a distance, it should extend the time. So Ensure you tighten you chain to the normal level to ensure efficiency if the need arises, you can even cut it to reduce the size.
7. YOUR MOTOR IS SMOKING: The motor you are riding has a problem in the engine and the problem is that you piston and rings are spoiled  and you need to change them, after changing them put it in mind not to speed(7days recommended) else it goes back to the same problem. It is recommended to change them alongside new engine oil.
Source: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/Upper West Media/GHANA

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