10178Let me open your eyes so that you can be familiar with these 7 dangerous signs. Men would have to be careful when making a permanent choice and try to delay a bit when thinking of marriage to be able observe one’s partner vividly.
1.She becomes your enemy when you are broke
If a lady starts nagging and threatening to dump you because you didn’t fulfil your monetary promise, just know that there’s probability that she will be cheating on you in marriage.

2. She flirts with several guys.
Some ladies flirt with several guys & deem it right saying she only flirts with them but doesn’t allow them get under her skirt. A lady with this ideology will be promiscuous in marriage.

3.She accepts ridiculous money & gifts from guys
This only portrays how cheap this lady is, and I can’t but pity any guy that falls in her trap.

4.She receives calls every now and then.
If her phone keeps ringing every 5mins when you are with her, it’s better you have a heart2heart talk with her or else…

5.She is TOO secretive & always locks her phone.
When a lady is unnecessarily being secretive with a questionable character, then something is up her sleeves.

6.She is everywhere.
If she no dey use ear hear club house, pepper soup joint, birthday party, bro you need to think twice before making that lifetime choice. She will kill you.

7.She’s very happy to have various toasters.

(No need to write about men because men need deliverance).

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