A sachet water production company in Kpongu, a suburb of Wa Municipality has caught the hearts and love of most people in Upper West for standing against a united group of pure water producers planning to extort monies from vulnerable people in Wa with the excuse that cost of production is high due to increase in electricity tarrifs and vehicle maintenance charges.

99 Ice Sachet Water.

A sachet bag of pure water was sold for Gh¢4.00, compelling retailers to sell a piece for Gh¢0.30p in this critical season of equinox to drain the customers.
The Association of Sachet Water Producers came to a consensus with their leader Mr. Toyaiba Mahama to sell at a given price of Gh¢4.00. This was met with underground opposition as some people sold at Gh¢3.00, this called for an immediate meeting to sanction people betraying the new prices.
A team went round in search of some of these producers betraying the new prices and 99 Ice Mineral Water was spotted selling at Gh¢3.00 per bag.
This compelled the team to lock up the 99 ice sales point in Kpongu but the act was met with gross rejection and the manager for 99 ice instructed that his office be opened immediately for business before he takes people on.

The discontent prompted withdrawal of Action and the Office was re-opened for business.

This single action compelled the reduction of Prices to Gh¢3.00 with people tagging other companies as greedy cowards which only thought of themselves and not others and the future.

99 ice company admitted non of these unions supported him to start his pure water business and have no right to question the prices he decides to sell at. In other developed Regions you can still get sachet water even at Gh¢0.10p so why the greed.

Let’s support People who support us when we were in need, let’s not neglect 99 ice, they were there for Us, Buy More from Them.
Call them on: 0508001961/0244627376. Located in Kpongu.

We shall Stand for Organizations/People who stood for Us. Let’s end greed and lack of appreciation.

The Pure Water War

Wa Municipality was hit with division when buying sachet water was met with selective purchase, people use to check to know whether it was “Sahel” or “Upper Spring”, this was a religious war on water.

People within the Orthodox Islamic Denomination never chose the above stated water companies due to their religious affiliation(Ahamadiyya). This brought division and succeeded in Collapsing one of these indigenous producers called Upper Spring located in Danko by then. People despised the water because of the religious affiliation of the producer and same thing happened to ” Sahel” it survived but could not sell convincingly in Wa Township, this Shot Up “Zam Zam” water which has today come to fail the people who stood for it. How did it fail? The content and size of water kept dropping as the the normal size should have been 500ml today a sachet water of “Zam Zam” can’t exceed 250Ml meaning to consume a normal quantity one has to buy two, making it Gh¢0.40p and yet still this didn’t go down well with the producer, the opportunity given this producer led to the mindset to extort these committed costumers by proposing an increase in price of Water During a period of Equinox as a chairman. What more can the consumer take, they have had the worse and it’s enough, 99 Ice has come to Lead well, Buy more from them. Make greedy people useless, withdraw from them and follow those who sacrifice for you.

By: Tuorimuo Elvis Philip/Upperwestmedia.net

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