Moments After a circulating audio of Acting Upper West Regional Minister went into the ears of people, Tuorimuo Elvis Philip, an entrepreneur and researcher into social issues has come out to condemn the act, he referred to the comments of the regional leader as shameful and absurd.


” How can a regional minister be so selective and jealosed of others(dagaatis), even to the extend of regarding them as being favored than others. Being a leader should prepare and organize one to be tolerant and diplomatic, taking sides as a public figure would only destroy your mentorship and opportunities to Influence the region positively. In case your chosen candidates do not make it, how do you perform successfully as a minister?, it’s actually shameful, he has the right to opt for a candidate but not to play tribal cards showcasing instances where some tribes were favored than others”.
The Acting Upper west Minister has been spotted in an audio voicing tribal comments against certain ethnic groups, in addition to that, he selected his preferred candidate for the regional Chairmanship, Hafiz Bin Salih after which he suggested no one should vote for SB Kangberee because he is a stranger and an opportunist.

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