Following earlier reports of some public sector workers attempting to forgo their duty for 60days purposely for an agric census field work organized by the Ghana statistical service, upper west media was present at group training on monday to monitor the progress of the training.

Sixtus Dery, Regional Statistician

Some number of trainees in the hall were mostly public sector workers including teacher who by the education and other official Calender’s of public sector should be working in their various duty posts whilst the statistical work also goes on concurrently.
This is to prove that these workers would have to forgo their previous work for 60days to meet the demand of the agric census.
Mr Sixtus Dery reacted to the issue and described it a worrying, he asked public sector workers in the list to withdraw humbly from the activity to safe themselves.
“If you know you are a teacher here please meet me after this and humbly withdraw because this activity will need more time which you can’t blend with your teaching activities, its not late”
He said.
The various public sectors heads are yet to come into the issue.


By Upper West Media

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