Akpos and his wife laid in the bed, about
to sleep
when his wife quizzed him on where he
during the day:
WIFE: You were reeking of feminine scent when
you came home, where did you get it?
AKPOS: From the woman I was squeezed
with in
the taxi.
WIFE: What about the lipstick on your mouth?
AKPOS: Oh! I got it from my friend
Cynthia whom
I was congratulating for passing her
WIFE: What about the used condoms in your
AKPOS: Hey, leave me alone don’t ask
me silly
questions. I want to sleep.
WIFE: (crying) This is not fair at all! When I use
them, I don’t bring them home.
AKPOS: (sitting erect on the bed) What
did you
WIFE: Leave me alone I want to sleep!

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