Akpos’ pastor added him on facebook
and he innocently accepted. Two
minutes later
his message came in:
PASTOR: How are you?
AKPOS: I’m fine, my daddy. PASTOR: May the building of heavenly
favour collapse on your head
AKPOS: (no reply)
PASTOR: May the thunder of Blessing
strike you and your family.
AKPOS: (no reply) PASTOR: May God slash you with the axe
of life
AKPOS: (no reply)
PASTOR: May God stab you with the
knife of riches
AKPOS: (no reply) PASTOR: May you be sentenced to life
imprisonment in the eternal jail of
AKPOS: (no reply)
PASTOR: May the World Trade Centre of
happiness collapse on you and your family
AKPOS: (no reply)
PASTOR: Are you there?
AKPOS: Yes, my daddy
PASTOR: You should be saying amen to
claim the Blessings. AKPOS: Okay. May the over-speeding
trailer of blessings jam and crush you
and your family. May the earthquake of
happiness swallow you and your family
members. May the sea of miracles drown
you and your family members.PASTOR: No reply..

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