Upper West Regional NPP Chairman, SB Kangberee with Other Party Dignitaries and Chiefs

A number of chiefs and people in the Upper West Region have hailed President Akufo-Addo’s Government for implementing programmes that continue to transform their lives.

At separate mini durbars on Saturday, the chiefs and people of Tanina, Bulenga and Tabeasi in the Wa West, Wa East and Daffiama Bussie Issa districts lauded government for its inclusive development, which is having positive bearing on their daily lives.

Government’s policies received thumbs up when Vice President Dr Mahamudu Bawumia called on the chiefs as part of his Annual Ramadan tour of the Upper West Region.
“We the chiefs and people of Daffiama Bussie Issa district and the Tabeasi community particularly wish to thank the government led by his Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo, President of the Republic of Ghana and your good self, the Vice President Alhaji Dr Mahamudu Bawumia for the good work you are doing for the people of Ghana, “Alidu Kaakuu, the spokesperson for Chief Maaliba said.

“About 97 percent of us in the Daffiama Bussie Issa (DBI) district are farmers, and we are proud about your flagship programme Planting for Food and Jobs.
“I’m glad to tell you that this flagship programme is actually touching the lives of the poor peasant farmers and we are very grateful for that.
“We also commend you for implementing the One Village, One Dam programme, which will help us to farm all year round.

“Another flagship programme we are enjoying now is the Free Senior High School programme that we the farmers in the region as well as DBI constituency are proud of because it is touching the lives of smallholder farmers.
“You have implemented a lot of programmes and my chiefs and Imams want me to tell you that we will support you to implement these flagship programmes so that we the smallholder farmers will actually benefit from this programme. We are proud of you.

“Another thing we are very happy about is that although it is Ramadan, you have taken the initiative to come here to pray with us. This is the first time apart, from years back when President Rawlings visited this community, and you are the second high profile personality to visit this community.

Echoing Vice President Bawumia’s crusade for religious tolerance and co-existence, the chief of Tabeasi noted, “When we are talking of development let’s forget of Party A or Party B. I’ve been listening to you so much and I’m proud of your approach to the Islamic community and the way you are going with your work. The Chiefs and people of Daffiama Bussie are proud of you.

At earlier meetings with the chief of Tanina, Sadik Gbele, and the Bulenga Traditional Council, led by Naa Seidu Nawologime IV, the chiefs expressed similar sentiments, with Naa Seidu Nawologime expressing delight that with the construction of a major storage facility under the One District One Warehouse programme in the district, saying he would no longer have to worry about his sweat going waste because there are enough storage facilities to store crop yield, “he said.

Tanina chief Sadik Gbele commended government for implementing agro-oriented policies, which have enabled them to have greater access to improved seedlings, extension services and subsidized fertilizer and significantly improving crop yield,” he added.

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