An open letter to Hon. Alban Bagbin from Concerned Youth of Nadowli/Kaleo constituency.
Dear Honourable Alban Bagbin,
We are yet to recover fully from the psychological trauma of that electoral loss in the just ended NDC Presidential race. The loss indeed broke our hearts since our minds were tuned for gold.

That might be the reason you have not received our consolatory message. But better late than never, we want to congratulate you for contesting the NDC presidential primaries and for lifting the pride and image of our constituency. You did your best just that it was not enough to give us victory. But at least, you gave us enough affirmation that you are not stagnated in parliament as many had opined.
Honourable, by 2020, you might have served the good people of Nadowli-Kaleo for 28 years. This means that, you would have had a social contract with the constituency for 28 good years, not only to make yourself great, but to make the constituency great as well. Whether the constituency is great or not, we leave that for another discussion. But what is certain and abundantly clear is that, you are great. Your continuous stay in Parliament has made your name transcend beyond the borders of the country. In fact, your stay in the house of the lawmakers is even longer than the longitude.
Writing to a high profile person like you, we need to be brief because we know you have other important assignments on your desk. Straight to the point, we wish to express our dissatisfaction and disappointment with regard to some public utterances made by some people perceived to be very close to you. The concern of those minority group is that, they need you to come back and contest for the parliamentary seat once again. Unbelievable indeed! Our elders usually say that, a king does not consult the wife to know his popularity because his wife, the queen, is also a direct beneficiary of the throne. Obviously, you don’t expect a sincere answer from such people.
We the ordinary people are grateful for the many years you have served the constituency. But to be frank with you, we are not anticipating your comeback this time around. We are writing this letter to inform you of our position that we are not clamouring for you anymore. We do not want an instance, where those few people very close to you will deceive you that the good people of Nadowli/Kaleo are calling for your comeback. We are the people and we are not calling for your comeback. Any contrary voice you hear is a voice of deceit and should be disregarded absolutely. At least, we want you to have some dignity to yourself, a priceless ex gratia of gratitude from the depth of our heart for your great long service to our constituency.
Honourable, you have been in the same place for 28 years. If people are telling you to still remain there, do you think they like you? Absolutely no, they don’t. We, the youth from your constituency, are telling you to look upward. We want you to fixate on something higher. There is no progression in stagnation. That is why we the concerned youth in your constituency, are advising you to disregard the voices of the greedy minority individuals who are telling you to remain little, when you can be bigger and ultimately greater. In fact, they should be seen as enemies of progress to you as an individual, and then to the constituency as a whole.
‘Leader-One’, there is a saying that good leaders bring up leaders to take up from them. So, your constituency is expecting a “Leader-Two” to emerge. We guess by now you have mentored so many people. They should be ripe enough by now to take over from you considering this grace period of being at the helm of affairs. There is no need training people if you are not ready to give them the opportunity and capacity to work. On the other hand, if you have not trained anybody to take up from you for the 28 years you will be in parliament by 2020, then it would be a shocking news and would not reflect your nature. But we have the conviction that you have groomed enough men and women of honour to take over from you. So we the youth are rather anticipating for someone you have groomed other than yourself. Yes, we are advocating for a new MP to emerge. Anything contrary to that will imply that you will have to prepare to face the opposition from your long loyalists; majority being the youth.
Honourable, we the youth have been law abiding people to the extreme by being patient with you for all these ages. Our patience have been strained to its extreme crescendo this time around. We therefore find it difficult convincing ourselves to support you in any parliamentary bid again. We will not be doing ourselves any good if we continue that trajectory. For any other capacity, we will be there for you once again. For the parliamentary seat however, be rest assured we will be there against you.
An observation we have made is that, the people very close to you have made several unsuccessful attempts to justify why you should come back to contest to be MP again. Well, I guess those people certainly know they are not convincing to themselves. So, there is no need to shoot down some of their arguments in this letter. But, if they continue on that tangent, we will be forced to do something other than just also writing friendly letters.
In conclusion, it is our fervent hope that our humble and sincere appeal to you would be given a serious thought and subsequent consideration. It is only in doing this that you will be saving your face to be given other higher responsibilities and support in future.

Thank you honourable for taking the pain to read our letter. We are much appreciative.

Crispin Wienaa
Benjamin Sundeme(Bones)
Endorsed by all members of Concerned Youth of Nadowli/Kaleo Constituency

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