Two of the country’s top judges have in a panic-reaction, tendered their resignation, after a yet-to-be released video by investigative journalist Anas Arimeyaw Anas showed them taking bribes. 32 other judges are also said to have been captured on camera receiving bribes or engaged in other corruption-related activities to influence judgment.News has gathered that two of the affected judges have rushed to return their official vehicles in a swift move to avoid the embarrassment ahead of the release of the video. Their letters have subsequently been rejected. Meanwhile since the news broke, the journalist, Anas Armeyaw Anas has been under intense pressure from high profile personalities, who have tried to convince to abandon his expose. There have been incessant calls from people with political power, religious leaders and families of the affected judges.In August, Anas after addressing a forum on the role of investigative journalism in promoting anti-corruption in Ghana that he was to shock the nation again.

Barristers wig on legal book beside spectacles
Barristers wig on legal book beside spectacles

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