Football administrators in the country have descended launched unprovoked attacks at ace investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw Anas over reports he is set to release a messy video of some of them engaging in shady deals.

One such person is Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Wa All Stars, Oduro Nyarko disclosed that they have neither committed murder nor felony to be scared of what is yet to be made public revealing that members of the Ghana Football Association are prepared for what will befall them as a result of the undercover investigations.
“That way you the press are, you always want to make bad news good ones. I am not bothered with what Anas will expose. Nobody can conjecture what Anas has done. Murder and armed robbery are very serious crimes considered as first-degree felony. But we have not planned to overthrow the government, murdered or committed a first-degree felony. Let it come we are not afraid at all”, he disclosed on Sunyani-based Space FM.
He reiterated that those who have run away should be mindful that it does not change their fate and the earlier the face it the better for them.
Latest Exposé

Described as Africa’s most revered investigative journalist, Anas Aremeyaw is set to release his latest exposé dubbed Number 12.
Excerpts of the promo indicate that a tight bubble which is about to burst following extensive investigations are done by Anas and his Tiger PI crew which he is unwilling to divulge.
He promises to serve it hot to the country warning ahead of the premier that is not going to be nice calling on all to ready themselves for the exposé.
It would be recalled that in January this year at The National Media Festival held by the Press Foundation, TPF in Bolgatanga, the Celebrated Ghanaian investigative journalist, gave an indication that persons who will be captured in his yet to be released exposé may try fleeing the country to avoid the associated embarrassment that may come along with it.
Meanwhile, Editor-In-Chief of the New Crusading Guide, Abdul-Malik Kweku Baako has described the latest investigative piece as “an explosive mix,” which has football sector and its links with politics covered.

Mr Baako, who is a personal mentor and boss of Anas Armeyaw Anas said the video will cause “irredeemable” damage to persons exposed, saying that “Any person trapped there cannot redeem himself…Anas doesn’t make allegation… anybody caught there and seen by the public would be in big, big trouble”.
He said Ghanaians will see people taking moneys using the name of their superiors, with or without permission from their bosses.
“If you see fiilili, somebody stealing, or somebody taking a bribe, or somebody using somebody’s name to induce things, the person has to come and explain why he is using somebody’s name or indeed if he has the authority of the person to use the name for that purpose,” he said.
He said he sympathized with those who will be exposed.
“I feel sorry for some… they are goners…”.

Randy Abbey who is a former spokesperson of the Ghana Football Association is also reported to have made attempts to get a hint of the latest video.
“I got a couple of his [Anas’] boys and they said they cannot tell me directly what it is but they can give me leads. So they say that it is either parliament, the Flagstaff House or the oil and gas sector and that it is an investigation that started in 2016 into 2017, and then the very early part of 2018,”
Screenings of ‘Number 12” will also be done in Kumasi, Tamale and Takoradi between June 9 and June 16 to afford residents the opportunity to appreciate the efforts of the undercover journalist whose avowed goal is ‘name, shame and jail’ and has always maintained that his style is tried and tested and those criticizing it are only entitled to their opinion.

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