A man went for a zoo-job,one of their Gorillas died and until they could get a new
one, they needed some one to dress up in a gorilla suit and act like a gorilla for
few days.
His job was just to sit, eat and sleep,
they got him a gorilla suit; he wore it and
was led into the cage and his work
started. He took a position and later got tired, walked up and down and tried few
gorilla noises. As he did this, people
threw peanuts at him, being that he loves
peanut, he did more fascinating
things…crowd grew and more peanuts
were thrown at him…he was carried away as he jumped from a tree branch in the
cage to another.
Suddenly, the branch broke and he
landed on d lion’s then; he saw an angry
looking lion about 20 feet away from him,
he was really terrified, he shouted “Help! Help!! Help!!! Get me out of here I’m not
really a gorilla, I’m a man in gorilla
The lion quickly pounced on him, held
him down and said ”Will you shut up! you
are going to get the both of us fired!”

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