Per our review and checks to ensure gas stations in the wa municipality are situated in a safe environment after a recent explosion was recorded at atomic Junction in Accra, an unsatisfactory stature was spotted, A recent explosion in Accra was alleged to have been caused by a meat seller closed to the gas station in madina which led to loss of lives and left others injured.
Aswaj is an Islamic school situated opposite Wadih Dam on the Loho Road in Wa Municipality.
Months after the school was built, a gas station named Yokwa Gas was later built 37 meters closed to the school.
After situations of explosions were recorded due to similar mistakes of sitations near social amenities and residential areas, saw it to be unsafe for a gas station to be situated near a school which admits a large number of pupils and workers daily.
Leaders are being contacted for actions to be taken to avert further abhorrent explosions.


By Upper West Media

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