Mr. Ayamga Bawa Fatawu is an Environmental Activist

A freelance Journalist and youth Activist in Tumu has called on youth groups in the Area to be reactive to rosewood loggers planning to revisit the area for logging.

The Environmental activist Mr. Ayamga Bawa Fatawu called on Youth groups to burn vehicles, and attack people plotting to engage in logging within the municipality after the Ban placed on rosewood harvest.


“Rosewood loggers are back into our Vegetation despite an enforced ban on the harvesting, transportation and exportation of it.
I implore on the youth to take the so called laws into their own hands and resist any rosewood activities in our fragile vegetation.
Burn any vehicle used for the activities of logging.
Expel any rosewood loggers from your community.
I repeat, burn any vehicle loading rosewood or involve in rosewood logging”


One thought on ““Attack Rosewood Loggers in Tumu and Burn their Vehicles” – Ayamga Fatawu Insights Youth”
  1. I support you in the call to seize and burn vehicles carrying Rose wood. If the loggers wouldn’t obey the ban on Rose wood harvest then we can also take the law into our hands. The youth are fighting for their future. I beg the law enforcement agencies not to hear or see action by the youth as lawless if the harvesting continuous. It is war declared to save our environment. We Shall fight till we win.

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