The Assembly Member for Beleofili Electoral Area in the Wa West District, Mr Yussif Abdullah, has said development in his electoral area is adversely affected by the lack of good roads.

Speaking in an interview with Info Radio, he observed that apart from the road that passes Wechiau to Tanvaare through to Wa, the rest of the roads in the area are footpaths.

He said the area of 10 communities cannot boast of more than 3 motorable roads.

The Assembly Member said the lack of good roads has adversely affected every aspect of people’s lives.

He indicated that the situation has led to huge post-harvest losses among farmers in the area as they find it difficult to transport commodities from the farms to the homes and market centres.

He added that access to healthcare services is also impeded by the lack of motorable roads.

Mr Abdullah reckoned a bridge between Tanvaare and Beleofili which was broken in 2020 and was surveyed for reconstruction has since been lying there, serving as a death trap.

He appealed to the government, the Wa West District Assembly and the Office of the Member of Parliament to come to the aid of the people of the Beleofili Electoral Area in terms of the roads.

Source: Info Radio

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