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He is and undoubtedly among the best part of the crops in the National Democratic Congress [NDC] to stand as the Presidential nominee. And trustfully, he could give the former President a fierce battle in similitude to David and Goliath’s fisticuffs in the coming party preliminary elections which is mainly to elect a flagbearer for 2020. We the young ones, after peeking through his personal profile we were overwhelmed of his impeccable and rich socio-political background and some of the very things he had contributed to the acceleration of the Better Ghana Agenda. So we are eagerly looking forward seeing how he would espouse the goodness of him to obviate the normal campaign butchering. It is rather unfortunate that he has outpoured more salt into the stew and it tasteless now!

I just do not know the demon of politics which possesses people who are revered prior politics by oftentimes getting them to veer off their moral conducts plus the political code of ethics if they are poised to climb unto the throne of immortality. The tactics of winning elections in Ghana is purportedly touted as an insolent approach where a candidate makes a mockery of the other to show how aimless or unimportant he is before the populace may warrant their votes for the outspoken contender. Glory be to God Almighty that Ghanaian compatriots have moved farther from that medieval times; we are more concerned of the candidate’s ambitions and the achievable visions that he had printed on his manifesto than the blitz. We are stunned that all his viciousness is not to showcase what his visions are but to make a cacophony disparaging remarks of most credible gentlemen Ghana has had in the past; speaking of his unsavoury comments about the former communication minister, DrEdward Omane Boamah and DrSeiduDanaa, the former chieftaincy Minister.

His contrivances are contravening some of the decisions the Almighty God had taken snice time immemorial which he might have forgotten or it could be that, that is the political language! Among all the Prophets sent five of them are considered the most honoured namely; Ibrahim (as), Noah (as), Moses (as) Jesus (as) and Muhammad (pbuh). When you study ancient Egypt and its system of ruling under the kinship of Pharaoh, it could have been defined as more austere than today Ghana; in terms of religion, economics, politics and social strata. Upon all the strictness and firmness of ancient Egypt and Pharaoh’s obstinate regime, when our Creator wanted to salvage His preferred nation, the Israelites from Pharaoh’s hands, He sent Moses (as) to do the job. We knew how he [Moses (as)] started his political campaign by first wining the heart of the less privileged Israelites which was really an uphill task. But he acted as the Minister of communication and got assisted by his brother Aaron (as) and they executed the task consigned to them perfectly. Do you know stature of Moses?

He was a stammerer but was still chosen by God, so are you are postulating that God Almighty had done an egregious mistake for considering a stutterer or are you sound than God? Surprisingly, if you are to consider the stammering Moses [as] and what he did for the Israelites you would be overly marvelled which I know you are aware.

I have watched the former communication minister on television and had listened to him on radio shows delivering unsullied speeches, if not until today I never knew he stammered or was one. His comments were captivating whenever articulating governments directives without being erratic, and how he looks well composed at the time of elucidating what we might not have comprehended well. So because of probably your ardent desire to be a president of Ghana you have told us that stammers are never needed in nation building! My little brother fumed to your utterances because he is a stutter and trying to become outspoken, but this your current submission is getting him debilitated!

What of teachers who teach and yet are stammers but their lessons are understood by the students, could that constitutes students’ failure per your arguments? It means also that you would find it hard to motivate us if we are disabled in some instances!

The National Democratic Congress [NDC] is a party in opposition now but remember that it is not just any of those parties but one that had being in government and it means that it could possibly come into power again. As youths, we may not be voting for a president who uses Donald Trump’s approach to side-lined his opponent because we want to forestall any offing acrimonious inclination; we require an affable man who we could get close to any other time and not the tag-of-war you are initiating from your opponent’s camp! The world in the times have experienced tremendous contribution from men and women who stammers. Tiger woods was a stutterer and one of the multi billions of our time, Emily Blunt was also a stutterer, Bruce Wills and Samuel L Jackson were all in the same company. Have you ever heard the westerners making scoffs of the asset they have? They rather supported them in any diverse way possible and today they have added humongous incomes to augment their gross domestic product! So why Africans always dislike our own? Anyway, what would the communication minister had done if the financial minister is playing with the funds of the country, what could he had done if government’s project is not executed well by contractors? Yes, per your augments people may be there who are competent than him, but must not respects be accorded to the former president because the little ones are observing! It is better to have a stutterer and well-qualified communicator than a disguised communicator who would churn out propaganda albeit his competence.

You again torpedoed further by jabbing the visually impaired association scantly and appallingly and this saddened us. The disable community have always bemoaned to the disservices of impartiality they had had from the people of Ghana in the times. If you had known the emotional trauma they are subjected to if they visit places that have no special staircase hewn out for their use. Their school is not adequately resourced and how difficult it is for them to relate to people, you would be muted! At first, when we see a blind man walking all alone we are eager to help him but currently, even if they walk to us for alms while traffic had made us stopped by leaning on a small boy’s direction for him not to detour from the road, we lower the glasses on them and harbour that they could enchant us! It would be better if you had kept your reservations behind closed doors than lambasting the former President’s decision, is a bit savage which eats the wounds of the blind the more. The erstwhile president, John Dramani Mahama, had in his own wisdom the passion to cement the prejudices and stereotypes against disables but today your words postulating that when you probably gain power in 2020, you are going to boycott all the privileges of the blind and the rest of the disables if I am not being wrong. But sir, on the voting day, would you also stop them for voting for the National Democratic Congress [NDC]? Or would you remove their votes from the ballots box? Or when a person is visually impaired, is it his fault or God did not know the rational for making him so? Perhaps, does being bling means that one must not hold any top position in Ghana, we need some clarification, please!

Discernibly, in your quest for winning the flagbearer position in the [NDC], you may deem that you are playing the normal political talk-shows alright, but your words could cause mayhem and not be easily obliterated albeit if you have or had or thinking of rendering unqualified or qualified apology. Being remorseful after you had deliberately issued those comments at this time would not heal any wound, it has shown some of the latent measures that may churned out from your regime if you become successful. Imaging if they where both your sons, would you have accentuated their weakness in Public? We were told in our traditional homes that we must not wash our dirty linen in public or is that also being flawed? These are some of the reasons why today people in high offices on our land are mostly ridiculed and subjected to pillory for no reasons because some of you the bigwigs are the same people who started this insult-game.

We are pliably exhorting you to sincerely retract and let us witness a day that politics would be devoid of insults and incendiary comments; those people in the western countries who do so already have a well-built system, massive infrastructure and good healthcare delivery and so on and so forth. We need policies that would make mother Ghana great.

We trust you would do it honourably so that you would not be religiously averse in the eyes of the people.


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