The election of Anthony Abayifa Karbo as MP for Lawra is seen as a blessing to the people of the area as they are hopeful to get their fair share of the national cake from government.

This was made known by the Chief Executive of the Lawra district Martin Domatieri Bombaire during the constituency’s delegates’ conference of the NPP in Lawra on Saturday.

According to him, the MP who also doubles as the Deputy Minister of Roads and Highways is close to the seat of government, therefore, he will lobby for more development for the people.He is, therefore, appealing to people to exercise patience and that all their aspirations will be met in due course.

Mr. Bombaire disclosed that aside from the planting for food and jobs initiative, government is also going to implement another policy known as planting for food and investment.He said, “government is not only interested in implementing short-term policies but policies that can be seen in years to come.

Government is, therefore, implementing the planting for food and investments policy which will include the planting of cash crops. I am therefore urging you to take advantage of these government policies”.

The Lawra constituency was carved out of the then Lawra-Nandom constituency prior to the 2012 elections and was won by the NDC’s Sampson Abu but the NPP put up a spirited campaign to wrestle the seat from the NDC in the 2016 elections.


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