Member of Parliament for WA West, Joseph Yieleh Chireh, has laid the challenges of the Office of Special prosecutor at the doorstep of the Attorney General, saying she is largely to blame.
Seven months after the Office of the Special Prosecutor (OSP) has been put in place and the subsequent appointment of former Attorney General, Mr. Martin A. B. K. Amidu, he has been struggling with carrying out his duties of investigating and prosecuting specific cases of corruption involving public officers, politically-exposed persons and individuals in private sector.
The action-driven anti-corruption crusader, at a world audit forum held under the auspices of the Ghana Audit Service, Wednesday, September 27, lamented how less equipped his office has been in terms of regulations, logistics and personnel.
According to him, he needs a Legislative Instrument (LI) from Parliament to empower him recruit competent persons to work under him, adding that he does not want the OPS to be politicized.
This development has generated some outcry from the public and Joseph Yieleh Chireh noted that the Attorney General and the entire executive is to blame for the inefficiency at the Office of the Special Prosecutor and not parliament.

Speaking in an interview with Ekuorba Gyasi on Atinka FM Morning Show, the legislator revealed that the challenges Martin Amidu is encountering came up when they were passing the bail.
Again, the Executive is responsible for bringing the draft Legislative Instrument (LI) to Parliament which they have not done.
Thus, the whole idea of setting up the OSP by government has been defeated by this development as well as the image of Martin Amidu. And that it shows how government is toying with the fight against corruption.
Also, speaking on the expired items given to the flood victims by the Vice President, Yieleh Chireh mentioned that the whole development was a plot from within the NPP party just to dent his image and make him unpopular in the party.
He, however, could not identify any name but said it could come from any of the camps of 17 personalities who contested with the President Nana Addo some years back during their primaries.

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