A group of individuals calling themselves Concerned About Ghana Association(CAGA) have suggested to government to blend Ghana National Fire Service With Ghana Police Service to Make it a Unit under Ghana Police Service.

Logos of both Services, Police [L] Fire[R].

Ghana National Fire Service has Existed since 1997 and the Major Aim is to carryout Fire Education and Turn out Fire.
CAGA suggested that making it an independent body as it is has made it very expensive and less effective and even the morale to work has been down because people regard it as a pension Unit mainly for the fact that the workers go there to sleep , play games and chat only to wait for a fire outbreak, that’s outrageous.
Making it a unit under the Ghana Police Service will reduce the cost of keeping the Ghana National Fire Service Active, The workers will be assigned more tasks to reduce the idleness, there won’t be need for independent external offices coming at a cost, there won’t be need for excessive budgeting for Fire Service as An institution but rather fire Service as a Unit within an Institution.

There won’t be need to balloon the fire service Unit with Staff/workers who will drain the public purse yet idle around but within the Ghana Police Service there can be other Tasks Assigned to Such officers even to educate and implement road safety policies.
Ghana National Fire Service has been the Only institution where workers have less to do because there has to be fire outbreak before they will be at work, how many fire outbreaks are recorded within a year, we’ve not even had instances where fire education is being carried out regularly.

This Institution has now been mandated to use it’s vehicles to distribute water to house holds in order to keep busy and generate revenue.
We are therefore writing to the Interior Ministry headed by Hon. Ambrose P. Dery and the President, Nana Akufo-Addo to review the system and save Ghana Milmatters.

The Ghana National Fire and Rescue Service (GNFRS ) is an agency under the Ghanaian
Ministry of the Interior , constituting Ghana’s nationwide fire service . It was established as the Ghana National Fire Service (GNFS) by the GNFS Act of 1997 (Act 537) with a broad objective of prevention and management of undesired fires and other related matters. It has 140 stations and 18,000 staff strength.

By: Concerned About Ghana Association(CAGA)

Wa, Ghana

Atik Mubarak Liman Dagadao

Tuorimuo Elvis Philip

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