Mr. Lain Walker Set to Take off from Tumu

What seems impossible has been started by the British high Commissioner to Ghana in Tumu today 9th August 2019.

This was not sounding normal to ears of people as the distance scared their Minds.

Tumu to Accra is Estimated to be about 844km which takes a car a minimum of 10hours with a speed of 120km/hour to make it. It is however not known how many days the High Commissioner Mr. Lain Walker is expected to take to get to Accra.

Mr. Walker with Natives of Tumu

He started the journey at 10: 57 according to Balu Mohammed, a Journalist with Radford FM in Tumu after a tree planting exercise carried out by the British High commission in Ghana.

The Neveriwie River in Sissala East Delayed him from beginning the Journey due to overflow.
The river is 15km from Tumu.

Crossing Neverwier River

He was accompanied be some residents of Tumu to where he departed.

The High Commissioner has since taken off.

By: Balu Mohammed

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