British High Commissioner Tours Ghana on a Bicycle

It can be recalled the the British High Commissioner to Ghana Lain Walker on 9th August 2019 Started a Tour from Tumu in the Sissala East District to Greater Accra Region.
The Distance estimated to be 844km has caused panic amongst Ghanaians who believe the Journey is impossible to travel by a bicycle.

Mr. Christopher Nii has explained why the Ambassador is undertaking such an adventure explaining he has a target he is working towards in his home country United Kingdom on a plant and geography survey.

Mr. Lain Walker Set to Take off from Tumu

“no security can mess with them cause they have diplomatic immunity, do u know what that is? Well , u will understand me better if u know what that is . They r not just riding for fun but they r doing invisibility study and gethering info , geographical fiiiliifiili calicalaaboshi study , keeping track of all they see, building intelligence. In London that’s what u have to do to obtain a black cab license , u ride a bike around the city to study the city for months for ur geography test , before the license is issued to u , so they r studying Ghana and gathering intelligence for their interest”

Mr. Walker with Natives of Tumu

It was afterwards discovered a group of people identified as Ben Liberty Kesse and Amistad Asante-Boateng Nyameakwan did same in 2012, from Wa to Accra. It was dubbed ” the peace ride”.


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