Residents of Busa-Tangazu helping themselves, Call for Government to come Inn.

Residents within Busa-Tangazu, a farming community in Wa municipality have bemoaned the state of their schooling facilities and access to water.

According to Eric Mengasob, a Resident, they have opted to help themselves whilst they wait for philanthropists and the Assembly.

Pointing to the efforts they in the community have put in place, Mr. Eric, a Graduate of Wa Polytechnic stated.

Full Statement

This community in the Wa municipal seems to be neglected by way of good education and portable drinking water by various governments. it is by this that the community members organized them selves and put up three class rooms for their wards to also have access to education starting with the primary first. we are therefore calling on the government, philanthropists and all able God fearing persons to come to our aid especiallyvour water problem, one borehole serving over 700 people in the community. That is Busa Tangazu.

Busa-Tangazu is 500 meters from Busa, a community within Wa Central, the community is inhabited by Dagaaba who are majority with minority being Waala.


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