Regional chairman of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) in the Upper West region, Saanbaye Basilide Kangbere, has today September 28, 2018, started the construction of a mechanized borehole for butchers and other stakeholders at the Wa slaughter house.

This is the second of a series of support that he intends to offer, after electricity power was extended to the mosque at the vicinity.
According to the benevolent chairman, the project is being financed from his personal pocket after a request was made by the butchers when he paid them a courtesy call. He said on his visit to the slaughter house he was told some problems affecting users at the facility. Among them were the lack of light at the facility, especially at the mosque, lack of water and lack of doors to prevent dogs from entering the slaughter house where meat is left at the close of day.
Chairman Kangbere said after listening to their calls, “I told them I will try within my personal means to help, because if you depend on government it will take a while to happen. So I promised them that I will extend the lights to them, I will drill a borehole for them and I will get the doors to the slaughter house.” He further added that, “fortunately we’ve been able to do the first one; the lights to the mosque has been brought. And today we came to dig the borehole and the doors are under construction.”

The NPP stalwart has also pledged to continue lending a helping hand to the slaughter house and the general public. He said he will be ready to help the butchers pay the light bills as and when they are unable to do so by themselves. And said his doors are always opened to everyone.The cost of the projects put together is estimated at ‘twenty thousand Ghana cedis’ (¢20,000.00).
Fence Wall
Chairman Kangbere said he will liaise with the Wa Municipal Assembly to see if they can build a fence around the facility to safeguard it and ensure proper sanitation. Whilst charging the media to help educate the butchers and the general public about proper sanitary activities, he also pledged to enjoin in any activity that will help educate people on the need to protect the environment.
The butchers at the slaughter house expressed satisfaction for the initiatives and thanked Mr. Kangbere for his benevolence. They also pledged to support him to succeed in his endeavours so that he can continue being of help to them and others.
Suspended NPP Chairman
Spokesperson of the butchers and member of the NPP, Alhaji Yakubu Kantagyeri, also used the opportunity to appeal for the reinstatement of the suspended chairman for the Nadowli/Kaleo Constituency, Martin Andonye. He called on the regional chairman to help in ensuring that Mr Andonye is brought back to the fold as it is a way of fostering peace and unity within the NPP in the region. He said that will further boost the chances of the party in retaining and winning more parliamentary seats in the region.
Together with the chairman were the 1st Vice Chairman, Alhaji White; Regional Communications Director, Bukari Ali; Aide to the regional chairman, Kele Haki; and many other NPP members.

By: Radio Waa

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