Upper West Regional Hospital in Wa.

Statement from the Hospital

Dear Reader
As we all intend to fight corruption in this country, I bring to your notice audit queries that emanated from an exhaustive investigation on
expenses in the Upper West Regional Hospital between January 2016 and July 2017.
This investigation was the 9th of a series of audit/investigations intended to find substantial evidence to sack the current Medical Director, Dr.
Barnabas B. Naa Gandau. This 9th edition was at the instruction of the Director General of Ghana Health Service after previous audits by BNI,
EOCO, Regional Director of Health Service (RDHS), Hon. Regional Minister (UWR) and RDHS, by Audit Service, MoH Monitoring Team and
by Erns & Younng. Reports of all these previous investigations parts of which were manipulated to convince DG did not achieve the aim.

“Convincing proof of wrong-doing by the MD” in order to sack him without public outcry, especially after the bitter experience and public
ridicule the Hon. Minister of Health and the DG had after sacking Dr. Thomas Anaba of the Ridge Hospital.
The audit report is what is summarised and the queries therein. For two years the Director General could not bring out the report and has since
tried to use all mean to oblige the MD to assist wiping out the report as though the investigation never happened. After he failed to convince me
to accept to justify the findings, he decided to use the delay tactics. Kept the report for as long as possible so that the findings above, of an
investigation conducted in July-August of 2017 will appear as recent so that they can use it to sack the MD.

So when you hear the MD of the UWRH has been sacked, the idea is not new, the letter was written together with that of Dr. Anaba and
probably many, some of whom might have been served with theirs already.
It all also appears the DG is under pressure to sack Dr. Naa Gandau because his main aim is for him NOT to go to the new Regional Hospital as
the MD and as tension mounts on him to open the new hospital; his only alternative is to release Dr. Naa Gandau back to UDS under any pretext.
Just for your reading.
Thank you.



By: Upperwestmedia.net


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  1. Am really disappointed by your level of journalism. The write up is excruciatingly abysmal. After reading it, one wonders if the content tallies with the headline. Please do a review of the article.

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